Catania Johnson, ACMHC, NCC

“The world breaks everyone, but some are stronger in the broken places.” – Ernest Hemmingway

Rumi once said, ” What you seek is seeking you.” For me, it took the second act of my professional career to respond to this seeking as it manifested into an ultimate career change and the counseling/psychotherapy field. The therapeutic relationship is a dynamic of trust; one where my clients feel safe and seen, heard and at times challenged, but always cared for. I consider it a profound privilege to be witness to the increased self awareness and transformative healing by delving into your personal family history, beliefs, behaviors that have informed your life thus far. Let us seen together what is seeking you!


  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Intensive Outpatient Groups


  • Trauma
  • LGBTQ Affirmative
  • Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Grief and Loss
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Mindfulness / Spirituality
  • Hypnotherapy


  • EMDR level II, Brain Spotting level I
  • LCMHC – state of Utah
  • LPC-MHSP – state of Tennessee
  • LGBTQ Affirmative Therapist Guild
  • AMHC – American Mental Health Counselor
  • ACA – American Counseling Association

Clinical Experience

  • Extensive Private Practice; both in mu private practice and Group private pracitice
  • Extensive IOP – Intensive Outpatient Services; Primary Therapist
  • Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse; Family Therapist and Professionals Program

About Monica Starrett

I believe people are wired to change! Like the arm that’s broken in our bodies that somehow “knows” how to re knit the bone and in face, often results in an even stronger capacity. I believe that our spirits, i.e mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the self knows too the path healing. Barriers can arise due to time, avoidance of the self experiences and we sometimes needs assistance in finding our deeper selves and truer path to healing.

I have been in this healing path,more fully once I left the Intercollegiate Athletics domain in 2006 and ventured into that great unknown or the second half of life. The Universe landed me in the Counseling field, first in a Group Practice where I treated a broad array of presenting issues. This was followed by multiple stints in the Substance Abuse field. My time as a Primary Therapist, Family Therapist and Primary Therapist in a Professionals Program exposed me to the depths and destruction Substance Abuse Disorders can bring. Licensed individuals in the medical, legal and other license fields faced the reality of threatened licensure due Substance Abuse. It wasn’t only professions that were threatened bus to too, the family systems that supported and then fractured as the disease progressed. This then led to years in Private Practice where I narrowed the scope of my practice to include LGBTQ clients, folks facing grief and loss, and those that have suffered from PSTD and Severe trauma. My credentialing from the University of Utah and Neumann University in suburban Philadelphia have all contributed to my oath now at Red Willos Counseling.

I have two adult children and a cherished grand daughter with a second grand child on the way! I can hardly recall life prior to grand motherhood but one thing is for sure : running,reading and eating chocolate( not always in that order) have been constant companions along the way!