Mental Health IOP

Red Willow Mental Health Intensive Outpatient Program

Our groups are facilitated by licensed, master level clinicians and licensed substance abuse counselors. If you have an established doctor or therapist, then we will work closely with them through the course of your treatment.

Our goal is to “wrap around you” to provide you an increased level of support as you begin or continue your recovery journey. We will work together with you to develop tools, establish support, and maintain recovery from substances, mental health issues, or problem behaviors.

Mental Health is Vital

Mental health challenges come in many forms. It is common for everyone to struggle with situations that cause stress, worry, or sadness at some time in their lives. For some individuals, addiction also impacts many areas of their lives. Their relationships are suffering, they are in danger of losing their jobs, they may have legal problems, or they suffer from anxiety or depression. Furthermore, couples often encounter difficulties as they blend their lives together. What previously attracted them to the other person now annoys them, and the relationship falters as a result. We also know that when one person is struggling in any of these situations, the entire family is likely to be impacted.

Regardless of the challenges a person, couple, or family is facing, we can be of help. We define our practice by three core principles: competence, compassion, and collaboration, and we work with clients who have a substance or process addiction, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or depression, along with many other issues. We do so using evidence-based therapies, meaning we are skilled in using the types of therapy that has been proven to be effective.

Our goal is to help our clients create a meaningful and balanced life.


We are here to support you to live a life of intention and meaning.
If you have further questions, call our IOP directly at:
(385) 202-5315