Get Traditional and Holistic
Medication Treatment.

Medication has helped many on their journey toward healing, completing what feels like a missing puzzle piece. Research shows that medication management combined with therapy is the most effective way of healing from mental health and addiction issues. Our approach gives you the treatments and therapy needed while helping you use medication and other holistic treatments sustainably and responsibly for a healthier life — inside and out.

Psychiatric Assessment

Psychiatric assessments help our doctors formulate a complete picture of your needs, strengths, and challenges. The assessment determines if you need medication, what medications best meet your needs, and what types of therapy and services can help the healing process.

We focus on gathering the following information:

  • Family and social history
  • Current and past psychological issues
  • Current and past medical issues
  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Mental status

Medication Management

After conducting an assessment, we may recommend prescription medication, nutrients, or other holistic supplements. Another helpful tool that may be used is genomic testing. A sample of your saliva is collected and sent into a central lab to analyze portions of your DNA that impact medication responses. These results allow for more effective medication and supplement recommendations, helping you optimize your health.

We also help those who are already on medication or who have previously completed a psychiatric assessment. If you are seeing a therapist from another clinic, you may still come in for a psychiatric assessment or medication evaluation.

Several factors greatly impact the effectiveness of medication such as the length of time medication is used, dosage amount, or tolerance over time. As a result, it’s important to meet with a competent psychiatrist on a regular basis.

To help you get the most effective treatment, we provide the following medication management services:

  • Initial medication assessment
  • Follow-up medication management sessions
  • Consultations
  • Referrals for additional testing or lab work
  • Collaboration with your medical providers, therapists, and others

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