By Vee Floros

What Makes a Home?

For so much of my life, home was my childhood house in my hometown of New England. Last week my mom put our house on the market, and it has made me think a lot about the concept of home. Do I no longer have a home?  What is a home?  What makes a home?

gray wooden house on forest

Being Untethered from Home

These are my thoughts so far.  Since college home has been an elusive place for me to find.  In my mid 20’s I worked as a seasonal ranger for the National Park Service and found myself moving every 6 months.  For me, having a mailing address and a residence did not make these places my home.  I lacked a feeling of connection to the places I was living and did not relax into my surroundings knowing my time there was limited.  I was untethered from home.

Home is More Than a House

woman and man holding child while walking leading to house

During my first year of graduate school, the apartment I rented never gave me the sense of comfort that being home does.  I felt tentative to make the space my own knowing that it did belong to me and was not permanent. I did, however, begin referring to Utah as home. Home was the place that held my community.

As I am writing this, I am sitting next to my 7-year-old, 56-pound rescue pup who has been home with me now for 2 months, I am her home. Home just in these past few months has become my dog, my friends, Utah, and my living space which I have furnished with touches reminiscent of my home in New England which, too, will always be home.

Home is so much more than a house. What is your home?

*Note this is my subjective experience, I understand that for many, home may be accompanied by negative memories, experiences, and emotions.