Ellyn Zografi, MS, LMFT

“Regardless of whether you come from a family system that is biologically related, joined by adoption or other circumstances, impacted by having a member with special needs, blended via divorce and remarriage, single or co-parented by same or different sexes, you will be treated with respect. It is my conviction that you know what is best for you and your system”.


  • Individual Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Workshops
  • Virtual Care


  • Couples
  • Blended Families, Conscious Uncoupling
  • Depression and Anxiety, Aging/Life Stage Changes/Self Discovery
  • Caregiver Fatigue, Intellectual Disability Issues
  • Codependence, Adoption
  • Disrupted family planning, Trauma Informed
  • Polyamorous systems, LGBTQ- Affirmative


  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT)
  • State of Utah
  • State of Wisconsin
  • Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • From Edgewood College, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Divorce and Family Mediation Certificate
  • Continuing Education, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Member of Utah Marriage and Family Therapy Association (UMFTA),
  • Member of Association for Women in Psychology (AWP)
  • Member of International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors
  • Member of Trauma Informed Network, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Member of National Association of Poetry Therapy

About Ellyn Zografi


I started my career in Madison, Wisconsin where I received a Master ofScience degree in Licensed Marriage & Family Therapy (LMFT) from Edgewood College. Along with running a private practice for individuals, couples and families in Wisconsin, I founded and acted as Director of Therapeutic Services of an agency that specialized working with neuroatypical adults and their caregivers. Upon moving to Utah in 2017, I was fortunate to work as a Wilderness Therapist and come to know therapy out of doors as a natural, wise, and powerful tool for helping clients reach their mental health goals and potential.

I am passionate about helping individuals explore and understand what is at the root of unwanted feelings and behavior. I often use the the Dignity Model in my practice while helping identify the sources of distress. The Dignity Model is a conflict resolution approach. In essence, the premise is when our dignity is violated, this is when conflict arises within ourselves and in our relationships. By identifying the source of the violation- intended or unintended- we open the door towards healing the conflict.

In my personal life I love to write poetry and creative non-fiction, take hikes,nordic ski, dance and be with friends and family. I am still learning all the wonders the state of Utah has to offer, and feel excited to be working and playing in such a beautiful and diverse state.