Nicole Veltri


As the first face you see when you walk in Red Willow I want you to feel welcome and at ease.

I am passionate about helping individuals understand who they are and what is at the root of unwanted feelings and behavior. I received a bachelors in Psychology in 2004 and a CMHC in 2007, and have worked in the fields of disordered eating, substance abuse and as a case manager for people with insecure housing.  I started my career as a high school teacher and taught social justice and ethics for 20 years.

I believe that the dignity of the individual is paramount to who we are and when our dignity is violated, this is when conflict arises within ourselves and in our relationships. By identifying the source of the violation -intended or unintended- we open the door towards healing the conflict.  I hope to bring a sense of ease and hopefulness from our first encounter at Red Willow.

In my personal life I love to travel, cook, create art, snowshoe, listen to a variety of music, dance and be with friends and family.