Nathan Van Dyke, SUDC

“My addiction stole my identity, obliterated my life, and nearly cost me my precious existence on this planet. As a person in long-term recovery, I feel intense gratitude for having traversed the depths of darkness, only to emerge into the most wondrous light imaginable: a life full of sincere value and intense meaning. I am passionate about helping individuals who have suffered from addiction find their own path to recovery. Walking with others through the dense darkness of suffering into the healing light of hope brings profound purpose to my life.”


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Licensed Substance Use Disorder Counselor (SUDC) State of Utah, Mind Body Bridging Trained, Motivational Interviewing Trained, SMART Recovery Facilitator Trained, Recovery Messaging Trained, Member of the National Association for Addiction Professionals, Member of the Association of Utah Substance Abuse Professionals


I completed the Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counselor program at the University of Utah in 2014. Immediately thereafter, I began my formal work as a professional in the field of addiction recovery. However, I have been personally involved in the treatment of substance use disorders since 2001 and have been a proud member of the recovery community since that time. I am a passionate advocate for those suffering from addiction and have been a public speaker about this affliction in churches, prisons, schools, and at professional conferences. I am the former Program Director of an addiction treatment program and have been with Red Willow Counseling and Recovery since early 2019.


As a person in long-term recovery from addiction, I hold an intimate understanding of its unique horrors. My broad experience in cultivating and applying the skills required for sobriety has allowed me to help many individuals find long-term recovery. I am conversant in the various evidence-based and spiritual approaches that support addiction recovery and I am specifically knowledgeable about contemporary scientific research about addiction’s impact to the brain, and how this damage results in inexplicable behavioral changes. Raising awareness about the biological changes that addiction causes to the brain is something that naturally assists in reducing the ugly stigma attached to addiction by a long history or moralistic judgement (even of oneself).


I enjoy working with challenging clients whose primary issues are rooted in addiction, but I also have a long history of activism for mental illness awareness. I especially relish working with people who have a history of chronic relapse and have had multiple treatment episodes (as I have extensive personal experience with both).


I’m an avid independent film buff, and I attend the Sundance Film Festival every winter. In the summertime, I can be found somewhere high atop the beautiful mountains, camping in the great outdoors.