Case Manager

“I’ve found something so valuable about the sense of belongingness and community in the process of recovery and a healthy lifestyle in general. Such value has the power to bring significant amount of courage and resilience upon all of us. I hope that, through my work, I can provide folks with such sense of belongingness and an environment full of support in which they feel comfortable enough to transcend factors may have limit them in the past and thus, thrive.”


Resource Connection

Life Transition Support


Mood Disorders

Life Transitions

Anxiety and Depression


State of Utah Case Management License


I attended the University of Utah, where I studied Psychology and Sociology with a deep love for research, specifically as it pertains to psychological and social factors that may affect underrepresented demographics. Within this, I found a deep desire to help folks on a more applicable, and day-to-day, realm. Having the opportunity to work as Case Manager in Red Willow has allowed me to provide further support for folks in a clinical setting and contribute to their wellness and well-being outside of their therapeutic experience.  I plan on completing a Doctorate degree within Social Psychology in effort to further explore the areas aforementioned and hope to conduct work strong enough to benefit the communities and demographics I am so lucky to work with.